If you are looking for the most convenient access to your items in the storage unit, consider a drive-up storage that can fit a wide range of items to suit any needs!

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What is Drive Up Storage?

Storage units with drive-up access remind a garage that lets you drive your vehicle up next to it and easily unload or load your items. Drive-up storage units are situated outdoors and look like rows of units with wide-drive aisles. Rarely, you can find drive-up storage located inside for additional convenience and protection.

What you get with drive up storage from Quality Storage

When you choose to rent a garage like storage unit with easy drive up access, you guarantee to be able to:

  • Park at the door of the unit.
  • Load and unload things fast with no effort.
  • Avoid carrying heavy items for a long way.
  • Get a variety of drive-up storage units to fit any size.

Drive Up Storage Units Pros and Cons

Making a storage choice, pay attention to all the advantages and disadvantages of these facilities:


  • Easy Access to the unit where you can quickly load and unload your belongings;
  • Wide-Drive Aisles for trucks;
  • A variety of Storage Unit sizes up to very large ones to fit bulky furniture or big appliances.


  • It’s hard to find drive up units inside the buildings;
  • There’s often no climate control;
  • They are rather dusty and not so well protected.

Reasons to use drive-up storage units?

  • Moving houses or cities
  • Storing equipment for business owners
  • Vehicle Storage

Drive-Up Storage Faqs

What is an outside storage unit?

Outside storage is actually the same as drive-up storage. It’s just called so for its location outside the building.

Can I store a vehicle in a drive-up storage unit?

Yes, you can! Large drive-up storage units can store many types of vehicles.

Can I find drive-up storage with climate control?

You can, but not so easily. Surf the Net to find climate-controlled storage units with drive up access.