Businesses can’t have too much space. There’re always plenty of documents, equipment, and more that need extra storage space. If your business has run out of room, consider commercial self storage options available at Quality Storage and choose the facilities near you that suit your company’s needs.

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Business Storage Services

Businesses may need a storage unit to store documentation or inventory, or look for office place or want to park their company vehicles at self storage units. That’s why there’re various types of commercial storage available for businesses:

Self Storage

It’s an additional storage space where companies can keep their documents and equipment when they have no more place at the office and don’twant to relocate or expand.

Warehouse Storage

Businesses that need more space that ordinary storage units can offer, there are warehouse storage locations with much space and convenient loading docks to fit any size storage needs.

Office Space

If you need qoffice space, there’re also convenient and affordable business solutions at Quality Storage that will provide you with both flex office space or office space with a workshop to rent.

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle storage may be used by businesses to part their employees’ vehicles or to store the company vehicles and the expensive equipment to keep them safe and secure. Indoor, covered, and outdoor vehicle storage units are available for your convenience.

Paper Document Storage

Self-storae units that are designed to keep the company’s paper documents and archival files.

Office Equipment Storage

It’s very convenient to store unnecessary equipment in a storage unit rather than occupy valuable space in your office.

Sales Storage

Every business has lots of sales materials and marketing samples which are to be in easy access but not keep much place in the office. The best way out is to store them in a special sales storage unit.

What to consider choosing Business Storage Facilities

Depending on the reasons and type of staff you are going to keep in a storage unit, you may need various types of facilities. Pay attention to the following storage features and amenities to choose the most suitable service:

Accessibility – you may need storage units with extended or even 24/7 Access

Drive-Up Access where you can pick up and drop off heavy items.

Climate-Controll option – for the inventory and documents that must be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent them from extreme heat or cold damage.

Delivery Option – for businesses that are going to use deliveries to save their time.

Wide-Drive Aisles – if you need to deliver your items by vehicle.

Security – consider storage units with electronic gate access, video surveillance, or even resident managers to make sure you keep your possessions safe and secure.

Which businesses will most benefit from commercial storage?

Home Service Businesses

Home service businesses such as contractors, lawn care or air conditioning companies often need extra space to rent to store materials, equipment, or vehicles. Self-storage units with drive-up access or auto storage units are the best choice for them.

Brick & Mortar Retail Businesses

Boutiques, electronics stores, and other retail businesses often struggle with managing their inventory. A good way out is to rent indoor climate-controlled storage units to keep the inventory and maintain a clean, uncluttered shopping area.

For retail businesses, indoor climate-controlled storage units with drive-up access are often the best commercial storage solution.

E-Commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses can save on office rent. They operate from home and keep their items in a storage facility.

The best choice will be indoor climate-controlled and outdoor drive-up access units.

Realtors & Home Staging Businesses

If you sell houses, you may need much extra space to keep promotional materials, furniture, and more. Most realtors look for drive-up storage units to make loading and unloading easier

Interior Designers

Interior designers usually work from home and need extra storage space to keep furniture orders. They will definitely need a drive-up access storage unit.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

Pharmaceutical companies rent self storage units as their home base for sales representatives. It’s much cheaper than rent offices. For them climate control is a very important feature of storage as they will keep drug samples there.

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Commercial Storage FAQ

Can i run a business out of a storage unit?

Yes, it’s a common practice to use storage units not only to keep materials and equipment but also rent some office space there!

Can you use a storage unit as a shop?

No, you aren’t allowed to store things like working on a vehicle or operating machinery in a storage unit.

Do storage facilities accept deliveries?

Yes, they do. You just need to find storage that accepts deliveries.Do storage facilities accept deliveries?